Claudia Kien – Cutscene Artist

Chroma Key: Alekto

This short science fiction movie was made by four people. At the beginning of the project all movie sets had to be recreated in Maya. Then the actors were filmed with a Dolly camera in front of a green screen. With the help of Keylight for the keying process all the footage was combined in After Effects. The final cut was made in Premiere.

While shooting the movie I was operating the camera. In the editing process  I did the cut and keying, together with Janine Jäckel. I also matched the movement of the real camera to the 3D camera. A lot of my time was also spent coordinating the rendering process through several layers of interface animations, foreground and background 3D Models and the footage of the actors. Each day the complete movie was rendered to see if all footage was in synch and fitted with  the rest of the film. A documentation of this process was also made by me.


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